A Quick Visit to Halibut Cove and More Cabin Plans

Things are moving along with our cabin plans (if you missed it, you can read the where, when, and why of our future cabin here).  We are working with an architect–the same person who did our kitchen remodel–and this weekend he and I made a quick trip down to Halibut Cove to look at the property and start talking brass tacks.

We flew from Anchorage to Homer in the morning, and were treated to a beautiful neon sunrise from the air.

Red House West||More Cabin Plans

I skippered the ferry that runs between Homer and Halibut Cove for many years so I know the summer moods of Kachemak Bay well, but the winter is a different story.  I was relieved that it was a calm morning, and our crossing was quick and easy.


It was really fun to see birds that inhabit the bay in the winter but not the summer, including one I’d never seen before, a Long Tailed Duck (formerly known as an Oldsquaw).  There had been a big storm a few days earlier, and when we got to the beach there were about a million jellyfish washed up in the tide line.  We also found this big prehistoric looking skate:

Red House West||More Cabin Plans

But the best part by far was walking around the property and starting to talk details.  We paced things out, looked at trees we hope to keep and those that will have to come down, and talked about framing the view in different directions.


The bark of this poor tree has been stripped by a bear.

Rosehips and a view.

Rosehips and a view

Our architect is the master of small comfortable spaces where every detail is thought out (like our breakfast nook) and we’re so excited that he has agreed to design our cabin.  He’s a true artist: at one point while walking around the property he declared that he “needed to be silent for an hour, maybe two.”

I am still feverishly collecting images in an attempt to illustrate what I hope our cabin will be like.  Here’s what I’m picturing, and you can see other images I’ve collected in this previous post.

Red House West||More Cabin Plans

Being in Halibut Cove this weekend made me feel like our cabin is really going to happen!  I’m so thrilled, and I’ll be sure to share more details with you here as our dreams turn into more concrete plans.  Thanks for reading, and check back in with us on Friday!

5 responses on “A Quick Visit to Halibut Cove and More Cabin Plans

  1. y2knina

    “He’s a true artist: at one point while walking around the property he declared that he ‘needed to be silent for an hour, maybe two.’”

    Love that. Thanks for letting sharing your dreaming with us. That landscape through the rose hips shot is gorgeous.

    1. meramatthews

      Our architect says he might have first draft plans to us as early as Friday! I’m so excited that my dream is turning into reality–thanks for reading along! 🙂

  2. Judy lehman

    We are so delighted that your dream is taking shape. Love all the idea photos and a big thank you for sharing. Your architect is indeed a special person… Best is we hope to see more of Opal and her parents!

  3. Carol Crump Bryner

    There’s something so magical about being near the water – peaceful and timeless. I love your photo of the rose hips and the view. It makes the dream of your cabin seem more real to me than all the photos of other people’s interiors. I wish you many, many comfy small spaces to frame your beautiful view.

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