Starting Point: Two Rooms from a Single Element

While we were hanging out earlier this week, we came up with an idea for a collaborative post series that we’re excited to do and excited to share here on Red House West! From time to time Katie & I will find one thing–artwork, a chair, or a textile for example–and each set off to design a room around it.

For our first attempt, we chose this artwork from artist Annie Seaton via Minted.

Red House West||Starting Point

Katie and I have similar styles, but not the same, so we thought it would be fun to start from one common element and see where we each ended up. There are no rules or restrictions, it can be any room in the house with anything added in.  For this first attempt we didn’t take cost of items into account, so these rooms are definitely firmly in the ‘fantasy’ category for us.  For future posts we’ll try to be more realistic!  Oh, and if you subscribe to Red House West you may recognize the pillow in my room from an email you got from us–SORRY!  We are experimenting with making mood boards, and I’m not sure what happened but I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  My B!

Anyway, away we go!

Mera's Calm & Cool Bedroom



Katie's Mid-Century Living Room

That was fun, and I think I want Katie’s room more than my own (story of our friendship)! We’ll be back on Friday with some DIYs we’ve been wanting to try, hope to see you then!

6 responses on “Starting Point: Two Rooms from a Single Element

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    I like the idea of taking one element and showing two different approaches to a room. What I find interesting is the way Mera made the painting very big above the bed, and Katie reduced the size for her room. The process seems to me like playing with a dollhouse. I love dollhouses!

  2. y2knina

    Yesterday I was day-tripping with my husband to see his mom (the 101-year old who loves to think pink) or I never would have waited this long to comment on this post. LOVE. First of all, that art (I’ve seen it before, I don’t know where) is AMAZING. Second of all, what a great idea for a post! So interesting to see your two similar but, yes, also different takes. I love this approach and can’t wait to see more. You guys are so creative and inspiring.

    Hey, one of these days, if you’re really brave you should plan your rooms around an inspiration piece provided by a reader. Maybe something from the “good score” series. Or have I just teetered too far into reality television territory. (Truth: the only reality television I watch is the news, and I try to limit that to the “just this side of stupid” requirement.)

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