Red House West is 1!

We recently celebrated one year of blogging together here at RHW.  Katie came up to Alaska to mark the occasion (I conscripted her into helping me wallpaper the playroom–more on this project soon!) and we had a great time reminiscing about our first blogging year.
Red House West || We're 1!
It all started with an email from Katie in January 2014:
Hi MerBear,
A thought:  Do you have any interest in co-writing a blog?  It could be Two By Sea or Red House West or something.  We could detail our respective house redo journeys — I have various furniture finds and revamps; plans for the room we’re doing upstairs (could detail the process).  It would be good motivation to keep chugging on my innumerable house projects.

Is there space/interest in your life for something like this?  We could come up with a combined vision of what we want the blog to look/feel like.  You are a hilarious and wonderful writer and have the unique experience of sourcing things in AK and reworking a family home, as well as incredible style.

Sound fun?  Interesting?

Much love,
kiss that kid of yours,

To which I wrote back 30 seconds later:

YES.  Red House West!
Yeeeeessss!  Plus, even if we are the only people who ever read it, I would be thrilled to see your projects and finds on the regular.  And I think we have similar/complementary styles: Bohemian English Grandma or  Warm Thrift With a Hint of Glamour (spelled the British way)?  Whatever you call it, I’ve always been nuts about your aesthetic.

And Katie responded:

Eff yeah mo flippa!  We’re totally famous bloggers!

It cracks us up to look back to when RHW was just a gleam in our eyes.  Katie’s email seems hilariously formal now–more like a business proposal–and the response emails are more typical of our day-to-day correspondence.  Also hilarious is that Katie was already referencing the saga now known as the Chamber of Secrets.

Katie was right on the money when she predicted that the blog would motivate us to finish more projects around our houses.  We also surpassed our early predictions that we would be the only people who ever read the blog, and we’re happy about that.  Thank you readers!

Photo by the Weaver House

Photo by the Weaver House

We’re still ironing out the kinks with the new site, and hope to go live very soon.  We’ll be back on Monday!

5 responses on “Red House West is 1!

  1. y2knina

    Happy anniversary from one of your loyal readers who is not an actual friend or relative! 🙂
    Love your blog (in case that wasn’t already obvious.)

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I am glad to have discovered your blog and count myself among your readers. I always enjoy reading your blog articles.

    I am particularly interested in the fact that you feel like blogging about your renovation motivates you to work on projects. I actually just blogged about decorating our family room (I blogged about the formal living room last week) and maybe having started including home makeover posts in my blog I will have a fire set under me to keep going with all the other rooms I am working on. I hope so because there is a whole lot left to do.

    Congratulations again!

  3. emily

    congrats on the anniversary! i know how much time it takes to blog, so you should both be so proud of this online home you’ve built together while you’ve been busy working on your actual houses. here’s to another year!

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