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A Good Read For the Long Weekend

We hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!  If you find yourself with some leisure time today, Making House: Notes on Domesticity by Rachel Cusk is worth a read.

This article really delves into the feeling of restlessness and discontent that can accompany decorating a home in earnest; a feeling both of us have talked about and, at times, struggled with. It also speaks to something that used to be a big part of our “About Us” blurb–when we first started Red House West we confessed to being nervous that writing about decorating would diminish us or make us seem frivolous.  Cusk writes, “there are other imperatives that bedevil the contemporary heirs of traditional female identity, for whom insouciance in the face of the domestic can seem a sort of political requirement, as though by ceasing to care about our homes we could prove our lack of triviality, our busyness, our equality.”

Etsy Favorites

Etsy continues to be one of our very favorite sources for finding unique treasures and inspiration, and we realized it has been ages since our last roundup of favorite Etsy stores.  Here are three shops we’re loving:

Luola is one of the best curated shops on Etsy.  The focus is on decorative mid-century items and they’re beautifully photographed and described.  She updates her shop regularly, so there’s always some new wonder to discover:

Triple Seven Home has gorgeous and unusual lighting options:

We love Brett Pendlebury’s portraits; we’re both eyeing a couple for our own homes:

So lovely, right?  Any Etsy stores you think we should be checking out?

See You Next Monday!

Katie is here for a quick visit, helping me get through the last days of this tough pregnancy. The nesting instinct has manifested in an almost visceral need to redo my living room, but my lack of mobility means most changes have been relegated to my brain or, at best, mood boards on the computer. Katie’s arrival (and superhuman strength) has heralded an absolute frenzy of arranging and rearranging my living room; not one single rug remains where it began, no piece of furniture or art has gone untweaked.  Late last night I sent her a text (she’s staying at my house, but I didn’t want to disturb her…too much) about wanting to try a different rug in the kitchen. I am consumed by decorating madness.

My inability to walk much means that shopping has also been relegated to the virtual world, but having Katie by my side gave me the guts to saddle up Target’s motorized shopping cart and hit the aisles for a few essentials.

We’re taking Wednesday off to savor each other’s company – and I’m hoping that bouts of uncontrollable laughter will help this baby come soon – but we hope you have an excellent week and we’ll be back with a post next Monday!