Velvet Drawer Liners for Commitment-Phobes

Last week I shared the Broyhill Brasilia nightstands I got courtesy of Craigslist (the post is here, in case you missed it) and this week I thought I would show you how I gussied them up a bit more, and where they ended up in our house.  First, a reminder of what these beauties look like post refinishing:

Red House West

Apart from their good looks, one of the things that thrilled me about these nightstands is that they have drawers–an improvement over my old nightstand situation.  But when I opened up the drawers I was underwhelmed.  The drawers were lined with baby powder-scented contact paper.  The smell was cloying, so I immediately ripped out the paper only to discover that it was masking something worse:

Red House WestAfter revealing this massive smelly (yes, smelly) stain, I sanded it down so that it was less obvious and I scrubbed it several times over.  But would this image ever leave my mind? Would I ever be able to open the drawer without wondering what created this malodorous mark?  All I know for sure is that the stain was created by . . . fluids (suddenly the word ‘fluids’ sounds gross in a onomatopoeia way).  A new liner was in order.

I had a small amount of beautiful patterned velvet that was part of the massive fabric collection my mom gave to me a few years ago.  It’s pretty and luxurious and I decided it would be perfect for drawer liners.

Red House West

I looked at a few tutorials for lining drawers, like this one, and this one, but having just sanded the inside of the drawers and gone through the whole refinishing rigamarole I wasn’t eager to make permanent alterations.  So I took the commitment-phobe’s way out, and used cardboard instead.

I measured the inside of the shelves, then cut the cardboard to size so it would just fit.  Then I cut pieces of velvet a bit larger than the cardboard so that I could fold over the edges.

Red House WestThen, using Mod Podge, I glued the velvet to the cardboard.  If you haven’t tried Mod Podge you really should.  It’s super forgiving, dries clear, and works great for gluing and decoupaging.  Basically it’s the

Red House West

I smoothed and stretched the front to avoid any wrinkles and then folded the sides over the cardboard.  To keep the fabric edges from fraying I put Mod Podge both on the top and bottom of the folded over edge of the fabric so that it is completely adhered to the cardboard.  Then I let it dry for half an hour, and ta-da, velvet lined drawers!

Red House West

Here is what my nightstand situation looked like before:

Red House WestAnd here is what it looks like now:

Red House WestMuuuuuch better.  It’s nice to not see the mess of cords anymore, the height is just right, and I have way more surface area for the things that I need and want like the picture of Opal and the little St. Francis statue I bought in Assisi.

Red House WestHaving the drawer is great, and the velvet lining makes it feel especially luxurious.  Chester is liking his new nightstand too.  His old nightstand wasn’t quite so ramshackle but this is still a major improvement.

Red House West

(Did you notice that I claimed the refinished version for myself and gave Chester the restor-a-finished one?  I am so that kind of wife.)

Red House West

And here is my darling Cromwell showing off his gibbous eyes and jutting chin in all their protuberant glory:

Red House West

Has there ever been a cat so weird looking handsome?  I dearly love this guy.

So that’s it, my simple, zero-committment drawer-lining trick.  Have a great week and stay tuned for a gorgeous post on Wednesday when Katie harkens back to her wedding and shares what she learned about planning the wedding you want.


7 responses on “Velvet Drawer Liners for Commitment-Phobes

  1. Katy Gilmore

    Oh this was fun to read! Being heavy into “The Tudors,” I am wishing for everything velvet, and would probably leave that drawer agape. But no, the nightstands have much presence properly closed in their tranquil settings. As does Cromwell.

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    You’ve made me want to get some velvet and some Mod-Podge (which I’ve never heard of before), and you also made me miss having a cat! Cromwell looks so comfy on your colorful bed. A nightstand with a drawer makes such a difference, and your velvet liners add the most personal of touches to your Craig’s List finds.

  3. y2knina

    Nice! I have never Mod-Podged, yet I am now going to make it my business to find something and M-P the heck out of it. Great solution to your lining dilemna – I know how hard it can be to commit! Cute cat. (Coming from someone solidly in the dog column, that is saying something.)

  4. hdrygas

    Oh, I LOVE them. When I saw your last post, I was so skeptical based on the before pictures. I’m amazed at how you can look at old furniture like that and see the “after” before it’s even finished! I think you might have inspired me to try a refinishing project this winter. I need new nightstands. My current one (repeat- ONE- as my other “nightstand” is actually a tv tray) is a “refinished” Sauder knock-together ca. 1992. If you find a few online and have nowhere to put them, let me know!

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